In today’s digital economy the availability of digital systems is of paramount importance. A good infrastructure is the essential backbone for permanent availability. Data centers are fundamental for services like cloud, mobile apps and other digital applications.

Extra data center capacity

More and more organizations are coming to the conclusion that digital facilities are crucial for their daily operations and reflect on issues like ‘business continuity’ and ‘disaster recovery’. Existing (cloud) data centers offer data storage but in order to meet present needs for storage, there is a growing demand for additional data center capacity on short notice. Companies show preference for modular solutions and will not accept any disturbances to their primary processes. 

A complete mobile data center solution

In order to meet these demands ENGIE and Legrand Data Center Solutions, developed a completely integrated modular mobile data centre: the ‘ENGIE Mobile Data Center – powered by Legrand’ (EMDC). In this prefab mobile data centre, cooling solutions by ENGIE Refrigeration are combined with energy-efficient solutions by Legrand Data Center Solutions for optimal yield and continuous performance. This unique, flexible infrastructure solution for data storage is available when companies are in need of extra capacity on short notice or want to keep privacy-sensitive information out of the cloud. The EMDC is a great (temporary) alternative for a traditional data centre when in the process of renovating, expanding or modernising facilities. Thanks to the prefabrication, lead time can be reduced by up to 40% as compared to traditional data centres. Reliability and availability of the EMDC are equal to those of a traditional data centre or server room

Basic components

The integrated modular data center is an enclosure that will be assembled, commissioned and delivered in a perfect working condition. Moreover, the ENGIE Mobile Data Center is an ICT neutral overall concept. Read why healthcare organization Lentis chose for the EMDC.

Design your own mobile data center with the EMDC configuration tool

The most unique aspect of the EMDC is the modularity of the solution in size, capacity and redundancy. You can configure your own data center based on predefined modules. The mobile data center comes in two sizes (8m x 3m and 13m x 3m). Apart from the necessary components within the basic functionality of the data center, convenience and operational reliability can be increased with extension modules like fire suppression or performance monitoring.

After you configured your own mobile data center, you will immediately receive a quotation via e-mail.

Need help? Or do you have any other questions about EMDC? Feel free to contact us.


Advantages of the ENGIE Mobile Data Center

  • Sustainable technology, energy-efficiency and cost reduction
  • Plug-and-play, all-in-one data centre solution
  • Movable; can be placed at preferred location: from parking lot to roof
  • In contrast to traditional construction, this solution will not disturb primary processes
  • A temporary, permanent or back-up facility
  • Fast delivery thanks to the standardisation of the modules
  • Easy to configure through online web configurator

The correct SLA for the highest possible availability

A data center is crucial for the continuity of your company. You will be able to rely on our 24/7 services when it comes to maintenance and monitoring. In order to guarantee longstanding operational reliability we designed a number of service packages for the EMDC. These service packages are all aimed at guaranteeing availability. What makes them special, is that you will always be able to count on highly qualified staff thanks to ENGIE’s level of presence both locally and worldwide. We will advise you on the package that meets your specific needs best.

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Reference healthcare organization Lentis