ENGIE Services is an authorized sale and service point for portable mercury vapor analyzers from Arizona Instruments (AZI).

All calibration and repair services for the mercury vapor analyzers  are performed from ENGIE's own laboratory in Roden.  It is also possible to rent or purchase mercury vapor analyzers from us!

What are mercury vapor analyzers used for?

Mercury and mercury compounds are substances that are very bad for our health. Mercury or mercury compounds  could be present during diverse  processes at companies in the oil, gas and chemical industries. In addition, these substances can also be found in laboratories, hospitals or waste-disposal and water treatment plants. At these kind of companies, mercury vapor analyzers are used to identify sources of mercury so that the substance can be cleared and/or any leaks can be repaired.

Calibration and repair of mercury vapor analyzers

In order to guarantee reliability, portable mercury vapor analyzers should be calibrated every year. If your mercury vapor analyzer is damaged, we will repair it for you. We can calibrate and/or repair the following mercury vapor analyzers:

Jerome 431
Jerome J405
Jerome J505

You will find the product sheets with technical specifications when you click on anythe links above.


Mercury vapor analyzer rental

Are you looking for a user-friendly mercury vapor analyzer for a short period of time? Then ENGIE is the right  place to be. The Jerome 431 and the Jerome J405 are both available for rent.

Reserve your mercury vapor analyzer here!

Do you want to have your mercury vapor analyzer calibrated?

If you would like to have your AZI mercury vapor analyzer calibrated or  you would like  to know more about our purchase or rental services for mercury vapor analyzers? Then ENGIE is the  right place to be.

You can  contact us on telephone number: +31 (0)88-4849999 or  send an email to: calibration@engie.com.