Maintenance & services

Guaranteeing and improving the yield of your installations is the starting point for ENGIE maintenance and management specialists. We like to make clear agreements concerning maintenance and management for both the short and long term. Our performance contracts and life cycle costing allow us to offer cost and continuity guarantees for the whole life cycle of your premises, machines and installations. With branches all over the Netherlands, a 24-hour service and short response times, we can guarantee the accessibility of your premises, machines and building installations.

Multidisciplinary maintenance of infrastructural objects

In the maintenance and management of infrastructural objects, optimal safety and maximum flow are at the top priority. ENGIE prefers a multidisciplinary approach to maintenance work: we carry out civil engineering work (such as cleaning a tunnel wall) and electrical or mechanical jobs (such as adapting a tunnel installation) at the same time as much as possible. That saves time and shut-downs.

Greater yield and lower costs in the industry

The success of your industrial business greatly depends on relation to the continuity of your machines and installations. ENGIE guarantees this continuity. We have in-house specialists in many areas – from fittings, heat exchangers and securities to combustion engines and complete port installations. Together we can keep your installations in optimal condition. Either on site or in our own workplace. Your advantage? They are only there if you need them.

Smart building systems for building services

Buildings have to meet high standards these days. Users are attaching more value to the indoor environment and technical facilities, for example. Buildings are becoming increasingly flexible structures incorporating integrated and smart systems for different functions. In ENGIE vision, three functions can be distinguished: comfort, including climate control, communication, in the form of information exchange, and safety, for example fire safety. The technology which provides these functions is brought together in building management systems. These provide the information with which the quality of the working environment can be optimised. Without inconveniencing the users: they can simply get on with their work. In the best possible circumstances.

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