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Your data center: sustainable, reliable and flexible

You want to be able to trust your data center implicitly, because your ICT systems must always be available. At the same time, you want to limit the energy consumption of your data center. ENGIE understands this challenge as no one else does. Our experience has taught us how to combine reliability with sustainable technology.

Sustainable energy for your data center

Data centers are large-scale energy consumers. That consumption continues to increase, while energy is becoming scarcer. You would like to limit the amount of energy your data center consumes, preferably at a low cost and with the certainty that you can count on your data center. ENGIE leads the way in sustainable developments:

  • We develop innovative alternatives for energy production, distribution, storage and conversion.
  • We use environmentally friendly sources of energy, such as wind, biomass or hydro.
  • We work at sustainably re-using the residual heat from data centers.

Your data center: reliable and energy efficient, at a low cost

If you save energy, that saves your organisation money. Our specialists continuously make adjustments to control energy consumption and provide advice about savings options. Our services are not based on our knowledge of technology alone, but are also founded on our wide-ranging experience with industrial quality standards and process control. Because of our focus on data centers, our employees understand the issues. You no longer have to invest in in-house specialist knowledge! It needs no looking after and you can be certain that the base of your ICT systems is always available.

Trust in ENGIE experience

ENGIE has a long record of service in the design, construction and management of data centers, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Throughout Europe, we build and manage more than 250,000 m² of data center facilities for leading companies, such as Interxion, TCN, Atos Origin, Level 3, Colt Telecom, ABN AMRO, Colony Capital and IBM.

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